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At Akande & Akande Chambers,  we are into general law practice in Nigeria and offers quality inexpensive legal services and advisory.

About Us

Akande & Akande Chambers (herein and after referred to as ‘the Chambers’) is into general law practice in Nigeria. Akande & Akande Chambers offers quality inexpensive legal services and advisory.

The Chambers is into law soliciting, advocacy and consultancy in all notable areas of law. The Chambers can also notarize all documents including affidavits. The Managing Partner is an appointed Notary Public of Nigeria by the Chief Justice of Nigeria. The Chambers has qualified and experienced lawyers in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): arbitration, negotiation and mediation. The Chambers is duly registered with CAC with registration number: BN: 2164804.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the one-stop shop for all your legal and business advisory needs.

Our Mission

Our promise is to make our clients the centre piece of our mission providing timely, quality and bespoke legal services to our clients.

Practice Areas

The Chambers has well-trained lawyers in vast areas of law including

Banking and Finance Law

Banking and finance law provides legal framework for operation of banking and other financial services. It regulates the contractual relationship between a banker and its depositor, as well as between a lender and a borrower.

Corporate Law

Corporate Law (also called Company Law) provides legal framework to chart the course of business practice. In Nigeria, Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) provides legal framework while the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) provides procedural rules for the processes in Corporate Governance.

Commercial Law

Commercial law is about legal challenges that do come up in the day to day running of businesses and commercial transactions. It is essentially about Law of Contract and Law of Tort.

Family Law

Family Law is a very diverse aspect of law. Some aspects of Family Law in which a law firm should play a major role will include dissolution of marriage, children and parental responsibility, domicile, children’s rights and domestic abuse, children abuse and protection, as well as relevant International treaties.

Immigration Law

Notable areas of Immigration Law in business include processing of Business Permit, Business Quota and processing of STR visa into Residence Permit (also called Green Card) for a foreigner wishing to establish and run company in Nigeria.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law generally begins with registration of trademark, design and patent. A law firm must have good grasp of the knowledge of documentation and procedure of this highly technical aspect of area of law.

Labour and Employment Law

Labour Law is the diverse body of law regulating matters of employment, condition of service of employees and industrial relations. It involves everything from commencement of employment to the end of same.

Shipping and Maritime Law

Maritime law is otherwise known as admiralty law. Maritime law is a combination of domestic enactments, international laws and treaties regulating contracts of carriage of goods on the sea.


A law firm must have more than ordinary knowledge in matters concerning tax matters with Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and various States’ Inland Revenue Service. Law firm must be in a position to advise clients on various types of taxes as they concern Federal or State government.

Human Rights' Law

A law firm which is interested in fighting for public justice should consider making an impact in the area of Human Rights Law. Human Rights Law is to help protect rights of human beings. Human rights are the basic freedoms which every person should be entitled to.

General Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The list of areas of practice is inexhaustible. Apart from general litigation in virtually all areas of law, other areas of law practice in Nigeria include Oil and Gas Law, Property Law, Energy, Power and Mining Law, Information Technology Law, and Sports Entertainment Law.

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